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Back in the Garden Again.

The weather has been so gloomy on the weekend I have “neglected” my veggie garden. It’s been watered as I waited for my seed to send out seedlings. Well they have, and it’s nice weather on a Sunday. So out to my plots to wend the soak-er hose around the veggies that have come up.

1st plot: lettuce, radishes, & beets

This is my first year with a second plot. I’m not planting much more. I usually have tomatoes in pots. I got a volunteer last year and it did so well I expanded from it’s location for plot two.

Plot 2: tomatoes, green beans, & cucumbers

I’m using the pots for herbs in the warm in the spring corner of my yard.

Re-used pavers and tile. Room for one chair.

Reused pavers & tiles for a sit spot.

As you can tell from some of the photos my “Garden” is a work in progress.

And one more.  I have been unsuccessful for 3 years running in getting a watermelon.  This year: new spot, in lots of sun.  Both hoses near for lots of water.

Watermelon Dreams

Wish me luck.  *:)