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Hooping & Green Bean Soup

Almost daily I get a text between 3:00 and 4:00 inviting me to hoop with Andrea and her neighbor girls. Brianna, 11, is a natural. She learns moves/tricks and then show us how “easy” they are. Yea, if your a natural!

This is a very fun part of my day. I found the fun of hooping (yay!) in August of 2010. In fact I was looking for a fun (emphasis on fun) physical activity. At 52 I needed a fun physical activity. I was sitting to much.

Years of standing as a hair dresser had help me stay some what trim, but my pulse (and weight) were rising… steadily. So I was looking when I saw a FB post about a hoop jam.  I loved it, and now I love the fun I get to have with Andrea and Brianna.  And other friends.  *:)


Green Bean Soup

Ready to Pour

1 pound of fresh green beans

~1/2 to 1 cup water

~1 to 2 cups milk

salt & pepper to taste

Water and milk amounts give you playing room with the thickness & creaminess of the soup.


rinse green beans

steam green beans with water until very soft (I do this in the microwave)

“blend” with water             I ad salt here

(I just use enough water to not kill my machine)

add warmed milk to desired thickness

pour over rice for a meal or serve a small bowl as a side dish.

lots of rice for this meal

add Pepper to taste

ready to eat

I don’t heat the milk in summer for a very refreshing side dish soup.



Back in the Garden Again.

The weather has been so gloomy on the weekend I have “neglected” my veggie garden. It’s been watered as I waited for my seed to send out seedlings. Well they have, and it’s nice weather on a Sunday. So out to my plots to wend the soak-er hose around the veggies that have come up.

1st plot: lettuce, radishes, & beets

This is my first year with a second plot. I’m not planting much more. I usually have tomatoes in pots. I got a volunteer last year and it did so well I expanded from it’s location for plot two.

Plot 2: tomatoes, green beans, & cucumbers

I’m using the pots for herbs in the warm in the spring corner of my yard.

Re-used pavers and tile. Room for one chair.

Reused pavers & tiles for a sit spot.

As you can tell from some of the photos my “Garden” is a work in progress.

And one more.  I have been unsuccessful for 3 years running in getting a watermelon.  This year: new spot, in lots of sun.  Both hoses near for lots of water.

Watermelon Dreams

Wish me luck.  *:)