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Back in the Garden Again.

The weather has been so gloomy on the weekend I have “neglected” my veggie garden. It’s been watered as I waited for my seed to send out seedlings. Well they have, and it’s nice weather on a Sunday. So out to my plots to wend the soak-er hose around the veggies that have come up.

1st plot: lettuce, radishes, & beets

This is my first year with a second plot. I’m not planting much more. I usually have tomatoes in pots. I got a volunteer last year and it did so well I expanded from it’s location for plot two.

Plot 2: tomatoes, green beans, & cucumbers

I’m using the pots for herbs in the warm in the spring corner of my yard.

Re-used pavers and tile. Room for one chair.

Reused pavers & tiles for a sit spot.

As you can tell from some of the photos my “Garden” is a work in progress.

And one more.  I have been unsuccessful for 3 years running in getting a watermelon.  This year: new spot, in lots of sun.  Both hoses near for lots of water.

Watermelon Dreams

Wish me luck.  *:)


Lazy Monday

More of Sunday. I can not seem to get moving today. I have been sitting in front of one screen or the other. I will have to get moving soon or I will become completely disgusted by my self. Fortunately a few hours of speed cleaning usually does the trick. But no piles of clutter tidied today.

Wednesday starts my chocolate fast. I wonder how I will react to it. Will it be a simple observance of a habit? Will I freak out and CRAVE chocolate to the point of scumming? Have I already invested to much energy into this fast/lent? *:)

The thing is I need to look into my compulsions. Even one a relative harmless as chocolate consumption. Personal habits can be controlling in way we do not expect, so I am looking in-word. I was very clear in this last year, but so far 2011 has been a slide. So here I write, and starting Wednesday I will looking deeply into my desire for chocolate. And possibly see into other patterns, good and bad.

New Years Post Yoga Treats


Rainy Sunday

Not much to talk about today. It’s a rainy Sunday. I am home from teaching yoga and I can safely assume I will not be out gardening.

I t would be lovely if I then used that energy to sore a pile of papers, or the needs sewing pile in the spare room. But I will probably just surf the web until I can justify sitting in front watching my shows.

So the question is… What do I get from pulling weeds that is more satisfying then sorting clutter. Is it that I have created the clutter?

Spair room clutter colection