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Lazy Monday

More of Sunday. I can not seem to get moving today. I have been sitting in front of one screen or the other. I will have to get moving soon or I will become completely disgusted by my self. Fortunately a few hours of speed cleaning usually does the trick. But no piles of clutter tidied today.

Wednesday starts my chocolate fast. I wonder how I will react to it. Will it be a simple observance of a habit? Will I freak out and CRAVE chocolate to the point of scumming? Have I already invested to much energy into this fast/lent? *:)

The thing is I need to look into my compulsions. Even one a relative harmless as chocolate consumption. Personal habits can be controlling in way we do not expect, so I am looking in-word. I was very clear in this last year, but so far 2011 has been a slide. So here I write, and starting Wednesday I will looking deeply into my desire for chocolate. And possibly see into other patterns, good and bad.

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Rainy Sunday

Not much to talk about today. It’s a rainy Sunday. I am home from teaching yoga and I can safely assume I will not be out gardening.

I t would be lovely if I then used that energy to sore a pile of papers, or the needs sewing pile in the spare room. But I will probably just surf the web until I can justify sitting in front watching my shows.

So the question is… What do I get from pulling weeds that is more satisfying then sorting clutter. Is it that I have created the clutter?

Spair room clutter colection