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Day 9 of 30

Ahhh Monday. Monday is an easy day. Do to over enthusiasm I teach to much. That added with three days of hair and I “work” 6 days a week. Okay I rarely work a whole day, it’s the leaving of the house. So Monday is the one day a week when I don’t have to leave the house. I do, to hoop or hit the grocery store. It’s the not having to, and it ‘s Monday.

As for hooping: I saw Andrea, Brianna and Tylor from across the street. We got a good hour in. Brianna is working on some combos. We are convincing her to hoop in the school talent show. I am working on my foot hooping. It’s getting smooth, if I’m laying on my back!

For kindness it was a mixed bag. I cleaned out the fridge, made some health insurance calls, pulled weeds. I like pulling weed and they were just to top off the 30 minutes, so I went over the time. *:)