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My Phone Is Teaching Me Patience.

It took me until last year to text. And then it wasn’t until this year that it became something I did with any regularity. How did I live without it?


When I send a text in a hurry, I hit send and close my key board. This locks my phone.  But if I close it to quick the message does not get sent. You may have experienced this phenomenon yourself. I have had to learn to wait the a moment to let my text go out before I close my phone.


This is not the first time an inanimate object has tried to teach me patients. Computers have always done this to me. There so fast when I first bring them home, but lode a bit of stuff and there’s the pause after the click. Or just the stare up time. No problem most of the time, but “oh shoot I forgot to” whatever, turn it back on before the dash out of the house. There you go, 1 minute feel like 10.