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What I did on my Winter vacation.

Many moons ago (19 years) Hubby and I moved to a house with popcorn.

( acoustical ceilings).

We planed to remove it when we got new carpet.  Yay! In mid January I selected this.

Then I started the work.  Now the question has been was it hard?  No. Messy?  Some what.   I scraped it into a box lid and then dumped it directly into plastic bags.  Most of my ceilings came off dry.

I only had to wet it where the tape/mud was.

Now for painting.  One coat of primer and I can still see the tape/mud lines.

So two coats of primer and I stopped taking pictures.  From here it became a few hours of panting every day till the ceiling , walls, crown molding, and base boards were done.

Finley it’s carpet laying day.

I will only say that if your one job is to measure square footage you would think “he” could have gotten it right.  Half the house got laid on a  Monday… the rest got laid the following Saturday.

Here is my entry way.  The half way point.  See the old carpet.

Yay, it’s all in.  Can you say shades of cream.

My “new” house.  From the front door.

Around to the living room.

Towards the dining room.

And from the other direction.



Painting on Walls.

I have always enjoyed painting on walls. Most of my “work” has been with a roller, though I have done some edge cutting in my day. When I leased a space for Castro Valley Yoga. www.cvyoga.com I painted this on the wall.

Lotus Mandala in the colors of the Chakras

It was fun!  But it was mostly so when students walked in they saw something more interesting than a big white wall.  Over the years I painted on all the walls. (You can see the other murals on the “murals” page.)

The hillside painting led to my painting on a climbing Bougainvillea on the wall of a yoga student. It was my first “hired” job, I actually passed on receiving a fee. (?! Well, what if she actually hated it.) 

One surprising aspect is while I was at her house painting we started a friendship.  It turn out we live parallel lives. We are the same age, height, weight (up and down) and have been with our men 20 year.  

Any way, she did not hate her painted wall.  *:)  And now a few years later she is the director of a senior living center in San Leandro CA. The wall across from the entry way has a 7.5 X 6 foot curved wall. There was a very dark picture hanging there which no one liked. And the logo for the center is a beautiful cherry tree .

Logo of Broadmore Plaza

I got to pant a version of the logo on that wall. And it look perfect on this odd cueved wall.

Finished Painting

Finished painting

Blossom close up. *:)