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24 – 28 Led Hoops & Foot Hooping!

Tuesday no hooping.

Wednesday with Andrea and Brianna and a few other kids in the hood.

Thursday with Briana and Andrea. At dusk we remembered our LED hoops so played another 1/2 hour.

Brianna & 2 LEDs

Friday with my one hooping student.

Today/Saturday I am going to a foot hooping work shop, so I hope to be able to do more that just twirl it around my foot soon. It will probably be a case of epic fail, but I think one of the best parts of hooping is when the hoop goes flying and I laugh. Or squeal if it comes near my face.  *:)


Day 7 & 8 of 30

Saturday: 30 minutes of hooping alone in my yard. Last year I would watch TV while hooping alone. This year I am going to not do that unless it’s raining. My 30 minutes were quite. It was a lovely day. I wish it would rain, not to hoop at the telly, but because everything is to dry.

I going to say my 30 of kindness was not posting yesterday. Hubby and I went to the RV show and walked a lot.

Something this size is what we have in mind. Now we just need to keep our eyes peeled for a used one.

Once we got home and had dinner I went right into my game. (Dragon Age 2) I played till bed time. Actually, my avatar I got killed repeatedly until bed time.

Sunday!! After teaching yoga in Castro Valley I went to Adobe Canter Park and hooped with Ellen, the owner of C.V. Yoga. We met a great mom there and she hooped with us while her boys worked on their skateboard skills.

From there I drove into S.F. for the Bay area Hoopers hoop jam.

Many of the uasual supspects.

There was a pot luck brunch and Champagne! Since I was by myself (so my own designated driver) I abstained but for one sip.

While there I picked up Andrea’s and my Xmas gift to each other. LED hoops.

My LED Xmas gift!

The manufacturer TrinityStarr is a local couple and we got a sweet post holiday deal.

Andrea had made the suggestion for this gift in October. I had done some research. I’m glad I did, if I had gone by price alone they would not glow after the battery died. Ours has a rechargeable battery with a wall plug adapter! Also it was great to get them from someone I had met.

Self kindness? It was a day full of nice for me. It looks like the weekends may have less “task” oriented kindnesses.