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Day 6 of 30

Hooping was a piece of cake this day. I have a class at 8:00 on Friday. It has a very intermittent attendance, but I did get a student and she was super excited to hoop with me. So one hour total with a bit of stretching before and after the hooping.

For my self kindness I did take an easy out. I used a gift card I got for my birthday. So an hour foot massage.


Day 5 of 30 *:(

So this is how my day went…

I went in as a hairdresser at 9:00 and worked steady till 12:30. I had a 1 & ½ hour break so I ate my lunch super slow while knitting. I did not think of hooping. I then did hair till 4:30, did my clean up and went home.

At home I put on my slippers, but there was a chance of Hubby and I going out to dinner, so I left my work clothes on. Hubby got home… no, not tonight, will go to the RV show and dinner on Saturday. (The 5th was the 21st anniversary of or first date.) So without much thought I put on my jammies cooked dinner.

After dinner I turned on Dragon Age 2 and played. It was at 9:30 as I started to get ready for bed that I realized no hooping or kindness accured. Sure I could say playing my game was kind to me, but I do that daily.

So… here’s to falling off the wagon on day 5. I guess I will have to go to the 31st to get my 30 days in.   *:)

Day 4 of 30

An easy day. I hooped right after my 9:30 to 11 yoga class with student Lisa. She could only stay for 10 minutes. I knew I had to do the time so I picked up my knitting and continued to hoop.

Sometimes it's hard to hoop by yourself.

Then Annalisa from the office next door popped in and hooped with me for 30 minutes. Tada 45+ minutes.

Once I was home I researched Carpet prices and dealers. Hubby and I decided a long time ago to get new carpeting. I’m finally taking the steps to get it done. 30 minutes at a time.

Day 2 of 30

I hooped with Andrea and Brianna. I did not do a 30 minutes of self kindness, but I did enjoy my day off.  Monday is my normal day off and my hubby was home, so hanging out doing nothing with him was nice. *:)

Sunset as we finished hooping.

Brianna decided she wanted to learn 5 new hoop moves this year. I was immediately reminded of Andrea’s great “one a month” concept. She learned awesome dollar bill origami that way!

I have the largest Andrea collection.

Of course Andrea suggest one a month? Done and done. So this is my new hoop t move. We’re picking one, then working/playing with it for the month.

I hope to do more than just keep it up by months end.

Check out Hooping.org for great tutorials.

The 30/30 Challenge or Time To Take Care of Me!

Last year Hooping.org had a hoop 30 minutes a day for 30 days challenge. I heard about it on the 8th of January so I participated but never officially joined. I also decided that if I missed a day I was not going to throw my hands up and say I failed, I was just going to have missed a day.

I ended up hooping 100 days in a row, then I eased up, now hoop most days. I am so glad to have an aerobic activity back in my life. Plus my pulse and dress size are both down!

When I saw their announcement for the challenge this yeas (2012) it was a no brainer, yes I will do it again this year, just to reinforce the habit.

I was talking (and hooping) with Andrea who was my cohort in the challenge last year. We were talking about meditation, chanting, a home yoga practice… Then Andrea said “I wish I did one spiritual thing a day for 30 minutes”.

This altered our focus of the 30/30 challenge concept. We saw it not as a thing you do for a set time, but a set time to do a thing. Hmmm?

A few days later, New Years Eve, as we were hooping with Brianna. Brianna is Andrea’s next door neighbor. She 10 and as a natural a hooper as there ever was. She has been hooping along with us all this year. Since it was New Years Eve the subject of change/resolution/challenges came up. To quote a 10 year old. “I don’t make resolutions, because I always mess up.”

After a laugh of confirmation we brought up our 30/30 concept. Doing something good/healthy/joyful for yourself for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Or more days than before!   Our friend Angle say’s “it’s not that I fall off the wagon… It’s that I get back on!”

So our little group has agreed to use 30 minutes a day in some thoughtful manner. It may be hooping for health and/or joy. It may be sitting in meditation. It may be lovingly making a salad and eating it slowly. It may be taking that nap. It may be cleaning out the junk drawer. It may be that same thing a few days in a row. It may not. It is simply 30 minutes a day for ____________ fill in the blank. Just do it with loving attention.

For me some of the days the 30 will be eliminating piles/tasks. I have been know to procrastinate. (understatement) But I also know I can do most anything for 30 minutes. And I know that 30 minutes is enough time to accomplish something. Or get a good start on the bigger stuff. (the “family” room!)

I will only post once a day, so it will be yesterdays 30. On that note 1/1/12, 45 minutes of hooping with Andrea & Brianna.

And most days I am going to aim for hooping and a kind to me in the long run 30 minute activity.

Please join me/us, add your 30 minute joy/task/healthy/insert the best word here in the comments. *:)

Mini clip here: Day 1 30/30 Challenge.

Hooping & Green Bean Soup

Almost daily I get a text between 3:00 and 4:00 inviting me to hoop with Andrea and her neighbor girls. Brianna, 11, is a natural. She learns moves/tricks and then show us how “easy” they are. Yea, if your a natural!

This is a very fun part of my day. I found the fun of hooping (yay!) in August of 2010. In fact I was looking for a fun (emphasis on fun) physical activity. At 52 I needed a fun physical activity. I was sitting to much.

Years of standing as a hair dresser had help me stay some what trim, but my pulse (and weight) were rising… steadily. So I was looking when I saw a FB post about a hoop jam.  I loved it, and now I love the fun I get to have with Andrea and Brianna.  And other friends.  *:)


Green Bean Soup

Ready to Pour

1 pound of fresh green beans

~1/2 to 1 cup water

~1 to 2 cups milk

salt & pepper to taste

Water and milk amounts give you playing room with the thickness & creaminess of the soup.


rinse green beans

steam green beans with water until very soft (I do this in the microwave)

“blend” with water             I ad salt here

(I just use enough water to not kill my machine)

add warmed milk to desired thickness

pour over rice for a meal or serve a small bowl as a side dish.

lots of rice for this meal

add Pepper to taste

ready to eat

I don’t heat the milk in summer for a very refreshing side dish soup.


Wildlife & Sputnik & Baby Blanket oh my!

Wildlife in my Yard

I have some wild life in my yard. I’m on the edge of suburbia, near a Golf Course along a creek. I only mention the Golf Course since its a big open land area near the creek, which encourages wildlife. I have seen fox there in the early morning hours. Well okay twice in 17 years. *:)

So here was my surprise visit from nature the other day. Was it because I cleared the dead poppy husks, they had thrown their seeds, or it just wanted to branch out 3 city blocks from the creek?

Dragonfly on the Heron

Wow! Looking at my pic, I may have faked this Dragonfly out with my “landscaping”.  ??

P.S. I don’t live by a country club golf course.

Sputnik or Hoop-cage?

I and my hoops were asked to go to a couple of day-camps this summer and hoop with a passel of kids. Of course I said yes. I play for ½ an hour at each sit for all four Wednesdays in July. Man it was fun.

Most kids get it. Five and six years old seem to need the “great job/awesome do it again” a number of times before it clicks.

By my third visit they got very creative and started adding hand hooping, challenges, and building. Sputnik was great. A couple of girls took the small hoops not in use and built a structure like this.

Sputnik by Kids Care kids.

I shared it with the Dublin Five (new name for the usual group I hoop with).  A & N climbed in and out then asked Andrea if she would fit. Well, yes. Then they “trapped” her in. Silly fun!!

N, Andrea, & A

Clip of the fun here.

Baby Blanket or The Chain of Events

I recently met up with a friend that is a super fine crocheter. I wanted to make a light weight tunic length top for hooping in the S.F. east bay summer morning fog.

I received an invite to my niece E.D.’s baby shower in Oregon.

I started my tunic top. Slow going since I am using crochet cotton or light weight yarn. So a much smaller hook. Yikes day’s of simply training my hand to work with this size yarn & hook!

I never sent the Target gift card I intended to my niece.  I send her a message via fb saying “I’m lame” in not quite those words. 

I’m about 14 inches into my top on the Thursday before the shower. When my sister G asked if I have sent anything to our niece. And it hit’s me! I should be crocheting a baby blanket. That afternoon I hit the yarn store and start.

Two weeks and a day later it get’s sent.  Along with a spoiler message via fb in case E.D want to be surprised upon opening.

I did check with my sister C/Grandma, part of her theme is Lady Bugs.

Aria's Blanket w/ Lady Bugs

Close up of edge Lady Bugs