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Aprils Hoop Move

No I did not fall off the face of the earth, and if I get into what I have been doing it would be a small novel, so I’ll jump right in with Aprils new hoop move.

Starting with Andrea!  She has been working on one leg stuff.  And since I am taking pictures of body & hoop moving I got ONE awesome shot!

Pravriti Echapadahastangustasana with a hoop!


Brianna! The Natural as  we call her.

Elbow to Elbow pass in front.   Start your hoop.

Elbow hoop.

Pass to other elbow.


Pass it back to first elbow.


With a smile!     I hope to see Elbow to Elbow pass in the back next month!


And me!  A swoopy figure 8.  (yeah, it’s a cop out)

Swoop over head

Swoop to the front

Swoop back over head




PS The Popcorn is Gone! & Others Changes coming soon.


Januarys Hoop Move!

My hoop bud’s Brianna, her sisters, Andrea, and I have been “working” on one move a month.  Well I worked on one move, they went with combo’s.

Anyway here is a bit of the results for January.

Alyssa is the Abundant Girl.  She has been spinning all the small hoops on her arms above her head.

Navaeh has mastered chest hooping.

Brianna’s combo included a lot of two hoop moves.

I have sustained knee hooping envy!

I focused on Foot Hooping.  I also went to an awesome workshop with Revolva!

Step 1: Put hoop on foot.

Step 2: Keep hoop on foot.

Step 3:  Roll onto back.

Step 4: Push up into Shoulder Stand.

Step 5: Watch as hoop slide down your leg.

Step 7: Laugh and do it again!

I am continuing to play with foot hooping.  I am discovering on chest hooping for February. And with luck (and practice) I will get my hiney over my head with a hoop on my foot in the near future.   *:)

PS I am giving up sugar for Lent.  YIKES!

24 – 28 Led Hoops & Foot Hooping!

Tuesday no hooping.

Wednesday with Andrea and Brianna and a few other kids in the hood.

Thursday with Briana and Andrea. At dusk we remembered our LED hoops so played another 1/2 hour.

Brianna & 2 LEDs

Friday with my one hooping student.

Today/Saturday I am going to a foot hooping work shop, so I hope to be able to do more that just twirl it around my foot soon. It will probably be a case of epic fail, but I think one of the best parts of hooping is when the hoop goes flying and I laugh. Or squeal if it comes near my face.  *:)

16 through 23

More of the same. The only way I got 30 minutes a day in is if I count 2 hours at The Cell Space jam as four days.

Bay Area Hoopers Jam @ The Cell Space S.F.

Slight exaggeration, I hooped a bit on Wednesday, Friday, and at CVY before I headed to the jam. Still it was a large concentration of hooping, not daily hooping.

Today I did get almost current on my banking. It was way over the 30 minute mark. I see that though that worked for hooping last year, this year it’s kinda of a bust. However I did get an important task done by setting a time and dong it

The I on my key board s stckng. *:)

11, 12, 13, 15, of 30

Basic hooping with the girls on Wednesday. Got a new pic of me foot hooping.

Improved leg hooping

And did not do anything else. Not even pretending to look into why I am not doing the 30 minutes of kindness. (written on day 11)

Day 12 Thursday, with Andrea.

13 Friday, with Andrea.

14 Saturday, no hooping, but some serious tree trimming.

15 Sunday, more tree trimming and hooping to This Old House.

So far I have missed 2 days of hooping. And many days of “self Kindness. I must admit that calling tasks by an uplifting name dose not inspire me to do them. Time to bite the bullet and just get stuff done because it need to be done.

Day 10 of 30

Hooping was easy. I met with Andrea and Brianna around 3:30 and hooped till 4:45.

Then I got home, tidied the house, changes clothes, and went out for Fondue with Andrea.

We have been going to Simply Fondue in Livermore once a month for quite awhile now. They have a good price for Cheese and Chocolate on Tuesdays. And since we both love cheese and chocolate it perfect.

As for the 30 minutes kindness… well, I reset my mind to remember that I can start a “big” thing and just do the 30 minutes. Stopping dead when the timer goes off.

Day 7 & 8 of 30

Saturday: 30 minutes of hooping alone in my yard. Last year I would watch TV while hooping alone. This year I am going to not do that unless it’s raining. My 30 minutes were quite. It was a lovely day. I wish it would rain, not to hoop at the telly, but because everything is to dry.

I going to say my 30 of kindness was not posting yesterday. Hubby and I went to the RV show and walked a lot.

Something this size is what we have in mind. Now we just need to keep our eyes peeled for a used one.

Once we got home and had dinner I went right into my game. (Dragon Age 2) I played till bed time. Actually, my avatar I got killed repeatedly until bed time.

Sunday!! After teaching yoga in Castro Valley I went to Adobe Canter Park and hooped with Ellen, the owner of C.V. Yoga. We met a great mom there and she hooped with us while her boys worked on their skateboard skills.

From there I drove into S.F. for the Bay area Hoopers hoop jam.

Many of the uasual supspects.

There was a pot luck brunch and Champagne! Since I was by myself (so my own designated driver) I abstained but for one sip.

While there I picked up Andrea’s and my Xmas gift to each other. LED hoops.

My LED Xmas gift!

The manufacturer TrinityStarr is a local couple and we got a sweet post holiday deal.

Andrea had made the suggestion for this gift in October. I had done some research. I’m glad I did, if I had gone by price alone they would not glow after the battery died. Ours has a rechargeable battery with a wall plug adapter! Also it was great to get them from someone I had met.

Self kindness? It was a day full of nice for me. It looks like the weekends may have less “task” oriented kindnesses.