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Veggie Plots & Pots

I finely got out and turned my veggie Plots. They have been covered In “White Nancy” (?) and or wild pea.  They reseed themselves, keeps the weed down and look pretty in the California late winter.  When they start to fade I know its time to till136_1688

Not much look at now; but seeded with radishes, lettuce, and chard.136_1691

But how do you like my wire bed frame for my peas and green beans?


And pot for carrots.


Here’s the video I got the idea from.  Love his heavy on the pots garden.

Oh, and the crooked path to my compost bins.  *:)


Poor covered Peacock.  The wild pea just goes crazy.


Wildflowers, Weather & Mosaic

Here are some of the treats of may “garden”. I believe this is White Nancy.

White Nancy?

Some sweet baby grass.

Baby Grass

And some volunteers.


The little white one my sis calls a weed.  Since it does not poke me or stick to my clothes I call it a wild flower.

Shades of green.  *:)

Shades Of Green

The high haze is keeping thing nice and damp. Taken around 2:00pm

In the back I’m gong to have a crazy big batch of Naked Ladies in August!

Can you see the border stone?

Mosaic 1.0

A few years ago we got a mold to make stone looking pathway from my Mom.  Instead of making a solid block I broke them up to border my Ladies.  They were just cement.  I wanted to dress them up as I make a path so  I put some broken crockery and stones into this batch.

Stones & Pottery

A few days later I picked up  Step by Step Mosaic by Simona Hill so I’m hoping 2.0 looks a bit better.

But the stones are agates that hubby’s uncle picked up at the beach where his folks use to live.

Uncles Agats

I’m glad I just used the smallest one on my first try.

11, 12, 13, 15, of 30

Basic hooping with the girls on Wednesday. Got a new pic of me foot hooping.

Improved leg hooping

And did not do anything else. Not even pretending to look into why I am not doing the 30 minutes of kindness. (written on day 11)

Day 12 Thursday, with Andrea.

13 Friday, with Andrea.

14 Saturday, no hooping, but some serious tree trimming.

15 Sunday, more tree trimming and hooping to This Old House.

So far I have missed 2 days of hooping. And many days of “self Kindness. I must admit that calling tasks by an uplifting name dose not inspire me to do them. Time to bite the bullet and just get stuff done because it need to be done.

Fall Color

My moms from up state New York, and every year it was “there’s no color in the fall”.

Now I get that there are a super abundance of trees that turn color and drop their leaves back east. Whole forest of them. But we have plenty of colorful trees here too.

local parking lot

And maybe I would not notice them so much if I hadn’t given me the chance to annoy mom every year by pointing them out.

at Andrea's

Some day I may get back east to see whole forests alight with color. Till then here’s one  from my neighborhood.

down the street

And my Yard. *:)

hanging over my bedroom

County Fair Peacocks

Last month I went to the Alameda County Fair. Sherry and I went for a couple of reasons, not counting that neither of us had been in years and felt it was time to get local.

My reason: A camping friend, Helen, had her salt and pepper collection in the fair. First Prize! I “took“ vid of her display, pushed the stop button, and moseyed on. At home I realized I had one second of her display, with my hand in the way, and 20 minutes of the ground moving by. Sigh.

Sherry’s reason: To see sheep, well all the live stock, but mostly sheep. She has done some spinning in the past and has an affection for both the processes and sheep. They had been sheared so it was only moderately interesting to me. I like to see fluffy sheep.

However on the way to the sheep there was a display of reused metal lawn stuff. As much as I liked the huge metal flowers, it was the rocking peacocks that grabbed my attention. I spent quite awhile tipping them to see how long they would rock. When the proprietor finally came over she starting helping me rock them and told me all about them. I decided to think about it. They were not expensive, but not cheap and were lawn ornaments after all, not something I “needed”.

(Sales people: I either want something or not, and your getting in my space just makes me not want to buy it from you. I know you could not know I was seeing which one rocked the longest, so when you walked up and pushed them again you “ruined” my experiment.)

It seemed I wanted them. After viewing the rest of the fair we went back to the peacocks. I was having a time deciding between three of them. One each, large, medium, and small. The small was the best rocker, the medium had an awesome tail, the large had a strong personality.

So now I ready for the sales person. And I ask what kind of a deal I would get on all three. Not much apparently, so I went for two. Turns out I had to barrow funds from Sherry anyway as it was a cash or checks only operation.

I must say I have had not one single event of buyers remorse. Here they are!

I live in the where the breeze can catch my tail and make me sway.

I'm also on the way to the compost so I get regular rocking pats.

I live on the top of the hill. Though I know I will need to moved when the sweet pea grows again. *:)

Rock on Dude!

And here we are along with Goodle. (so named by niece A)

Two peacocks and a Buddha. Can you see the little one?

Wildlife & Sputnik & Baby Blanket oh my!

Wildlife in my Yard

I have some wild life in my yard. I’m on the edge of suburbia, near a Golf Course along a creek. I only mention the Golf Course since its a big open land area near the creek, which encourages wildlife. I have seen fox there in the early morning hours. Well okay twice in 17 years. *:)

So here was my surprise visit from nature the other day. Was it because I cleared the dead poppy husks, they had thrown their seeds, or it just wanted to branch out 3 city blocks from the creek?

Dragonfly on the Heron

Wow! Looking at my pic, I may have faked this Dragonfly out with my “landscaping”.  ??

P.S. I don’t live by a country club golf course.

Sputnik or Hoop-cage?

I and my hoops were asked to go to a couple of day-camps this summer and hoop with a passel of kids. Of course I said yes. I play for ½ an hour at each sit for all four Wednesdays in July. Man it was fun.

Most kids get it. Five and six years old seem to need the “great job/awesome do it again” a number of times before it clicks.

By my third visit they got very creative and started adding hand hooping, challenges, and building. Sputnik was great. A couple of girls took the small hoops not in use and built a structure like this.

Sputnik by Kids Care kids.

I shared it with the Dublin Five (new name for the usual group I hoop with).  A & N climbed in and out then asked Andrea if she would fit. Well, yes. Then they “trapped” her in. Silly fun!!

N, Andrea, & A

Clip of the fun here.

Baby Blanket or The Chain of Events

I recently met up with a friend that is a super fine crocheter. I wanted to make a light weight tunic length top for hooping in the S.F. east bay summer morning fog.

I received an invite to my niece E.D.’s baby shower in Oregon.

I started my tunic top. Slow going since I am using crochet cotton or light weight yarn. So a much smaller hook. Yikes day’s of simply training my hand to work with this size yarn & hook!

I never sent the Target gift card I intended to my niece.  I send her a message via fb saying “I’m lame” in not quite those words. 

I’m about 14 inches into my top on the Thursday before the shower. When my sister G asked if I have sent anything to our niece. And it hit’s me! I should be crocheting a baby blanket. That afternoon I hit the yarn store and start.

Two weeks and a day later it get’s sent.  Along with a spoiler message via fb in case E.D want to be surprised upon opening.

I did check with my sister C/Grandma, part of her theme is Lady Bugs.

Aria's Blanket w/ Lady Bugs

Close up of edge Lady Bugs

Back in the Garden Again.

The weather has been so gloomy on the weekend I have “neglected” my veggie garden. It’s been watered as I waited for my seed to send out seedlings. Well they have, and it’s nice weather on a Sunday. So out to my plots to wend the soak-er hose around the veggies that have come up.

1st plot: lettuce, radishes, & beets

This is my first year with a second plot. I’m not planting much more. I usually have tomatoes in pots. I got a volunteer last year and it did so well I expanded from it’s location for plot two.

Plot 2: tomatoes, green beans, & cucumbers

I’m using the pots for herbs in the warm in the spring corner of my yard.

Re-used pavers and tile. Room for one chair.

Reused pavers & tiles for a sit spot.

As you can tell from some of the photos my “Garden” is a work in progress.

And one more.  I have been unsuccessful for 3 years running in getting a watermelon.  This year: new spot, in lots of sun.  Both hoses near for lots of water.

Watermelon Dreams

Wish me luck.  *:)