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Veggie Plots & Pots

I finely got out and turned my veggie Plots. They have been covered In “White Nancy” (?) and or wild pea.  They reseed themselves, keeps the weed down and look pretty in the California late winter.  When they start to fade I know its time to till136_1688

Not much look at now; but seeded with radishes, lettuce, and chard.136_1691

But how do you like my wire bed frame for my peas and green beans?


And pot for carrots.


Here’s the video I got the idea from.  Love his heavy on the pots garden.

Oh, and the crooked path to my compost bins.  *:)


Poor covered Peacock.  The wild pea just goes crazy.


Happy Valentines Day!  I got a pleasant surprise of the Skyrim’s downloadable content!

Yesterday was easy as pie. And I did not have pie, or any other sugar laden items. I also easily have not eaten anything sugar laden today.  *:)

I actually got a lot done yesterday and was hopping this was due to no sugar crash. Today was not a productive. I did plan on a bike ride, but my tire was flat. The pump is on hubby’s bike which was with him at work.

And now you know how long it’s been since I rode my bike.

I attempted to alter a simply peanut butter cookie recipe.

Original recipe

1c peanut butter

1c sugar


Turns out oatmeal is not a good substitute for sugar.

Giving up Sugar for Lent

No, I’m not catholic, but I like the amount of time, and the limit of lent.

Day one: 8AM So far so good.

I chose sugar this year to run a simple test. It has been connected to inflammation. I have achy joints, and a knee still un-swelling for a Arthroscopic repair.

I also like many people would love to get rid of some extra pounds.  Giving up sugar can’t hurt that venture at all.  *:)

And it’s time to stop giving in to my “sweet tooth”.

So simple sugar in all it’s glory… candy, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, and I’m sure I will encounter other types do deny my self with.

Wasting Away: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I have experienced very little waste. Now at day 7 this is what I did not anticipate. I am buying a lot less food, okay “a lot” comparatively.

Yes, wanting to show how little I waste has led to more awareness of what I already have in my fridge/pantry when I shop. Also friendly reminders to me that there are only two of us to feed. This makes for is a bit more redundancy in our diet, but not enough to cause frustration or dinning out more that usual.

I took this focus when I dined out at well. I usually get the full Caesar with chicken when I go to lunch at Rigatoni’s. I often have a small pile of lettuce left. (Of course the chicken and croutons are gone.) I got the half salad with chicken on Wednesday for lunch. No waste, and I was satisfied, so I can do it again.

This Weeks Waste In Chronological Order:

Beet tops. I’ve heard you can cook them, but I have never ventured into “greens”. Maybe it’s time?

Beet tops: How do you cook them?

Mold on my Parmigiano, cut off. The rest was still good.

Moldy Paraigiano & Romain Core

I forgot my tea on Thursday. *:(

Would have drank it but I get up early, 4:30am, on Friday

Six days of compost and a potato piece that escaped frying.

The potato slice jumped the bowl when I rinsed them.

Chicken guts. I gave my cat the liver when she was alive, the rest has always been waste.

I get the whole chicken, it's the best price per pound.

Food I Wasted: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I don’t remember the link that got me to The Four Pounds of Cheese Project. But I liked the idea. It’s based on National Geographic data that people waste 4 pounds of cheese, among other food stuff every year.  (Maybe Americans, not people,  I can’t remember.)

Well I has just decided I was changing back to a pricier brand of cheese, as the not so expensive one gets moldy before I can finish it. Here I am wasting cheese. And I seriously doubt I’m eating less cheese.  So I figured I give it a go.  *:)

Add to that the feeling of superiority I can have when I hardly waste anything, how cold I not try it. I decide I would count compostables as waste. I’m just lucky to be a composter.

My Three Bins

I realized on Sunday that the cooked beet’s were in the way back of the fridge. Dang, I have wasted already. Sure enough they are fuzzy. They were being shielded from view by some home grown lettuce that’s mostly not fit to eat, and a bag of baby spinach.  It’s a case of eating what’s in front, the spinach, and not looking further. And I like beets!

So here they are. It’s a Monday for sure.

Home Grown Gone Bad

I probably could have saved some of this, but slimy lettuce is slimy, and I have tons of lettuce still.  It went to seed last year. Yay, nature.

Rotten Beets *:(

Okay 1 & 1/4 beets.  But that means I only ate 3/4 of one beet.  WASTE!