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Food I Wasted: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I don’t remember the link that got me to The Four Pounds of Cheese Project. But I liked the idea. It’s based on National Geographic data that people waste 4 pounds of cheese, among other food stuff every year.  (Maybe Americans, not people,  I can’t remember.)

Well I has just decided I was changing back to a pricier brand of cheese, as the not so expensive one gets moldy before I can finish it. Here I am wasting cheese. And I seriously doubt I’m eating less cheese.  So I figured I give it a go.  *:)

Add to that the feeling of superiority I can have when I hardly waste anything, how cold I not try it. I decide I would count compostables as waste. I’m just lucky to be a composter.

My Three Bins

I realized on Sunday that the cooked beet’s were in the way back of the fridge. Dang, I have wasted already. Sure enough they are fuzzy. They were being shielded from view by some home grown lettuce that’s mostly not fit to eat, and a bag of baby spinach.  It’s a case of eating what’s in front, the spinach, and not looking further. And I like beets!

So here they are. It’s a Monday for sure.

Home Grown Gone Bad

I probably could have saved some of this, but slimy lettuce is slimy, and I have tons of lettuce still.  It went to seed last year. Yay, nature.

Rotten Beets *:(

Okay 1 & 1/4 beets.  But that means I only ate 3/4 of one beet.  WASTE!


Food Journal Week 2 or Why the scale is not the answer to everything.

It has been a week of numbers swinging. I have been up as much as 2 pounds, and down just below lasts Mondays 145.

Here’s the break down: I weigh first thing in the morning.

Monday: Kettle corn fest!

Tuesday: Up: Cheese and Chocolate fondue for dinner with Andrea and my Niece JD.

Wednesday: UP: Normal daily regular food & water.

Thursday: Down: Normal daily regular food & water.

Friday: Down: Normal daily regular food & water for breakfast and lunch.

Then Andrea came over. She had a bout of food poisoning. It kicked in just after she arrived. The release of the bug triggered a drop in her blood pressure. Enough that she passed out. (she’s fine) In the time between her fainting in my loo, (very scarey) and her resting peacefully on my couch, I managed to eat a lot of junk due to stress.

Saturday:Up: My niece’s graduation and celebration. Super fudgie chocolate cake, my favorite Caesar salad, Champagne!

Just before the walk!

Sunday:Up: Normal daily regular food & water.

Monday: Did not budge: WTF!? Salty Worcestershire Sauce?

So it’s Monday and the number is higher than last Monday and I am slightly freaked by the scale number. But I remember the tracker has you track measurements too, so I measure… Down 3.5 inches! One inch off waist, hips and thighs, ½ inch of upper arm.

I have done my hooping, and when I hoop while watching TV I hold 3lb weights and move my arms about. I used my pull-up bar daily. (still only ½ of a pull-up) I even got a little bike ride in on Friday. So though my “weight” is up, I am smaller. I am converting. I have less fat and more muscle. Yay!

This is a good lesson for me. I am somewhat of a compulsive weigh-er. I am down to (mostly) once a day. I see I need to consider all the information available and not rely on one factor

But I am truly hopping good clean eating today will lead to a nice drop tomorrow. *:)

Food Log Update Week 1

I am down 1.3 pounds. In a week this is a lot for me. Alone I was averaging .5 pounds a week.

There was a bit of swinging the days in-between, but I know that is part of the process. Down, down, down, usually leads to up, up, up. I tend to see a big drop and reward/sabotage my self. With the tracker I saw exactly where the extra was. One can’t hold BBQ ribs against ones self.

And tracking showed again the truth in it’s the little thing I do every day, not the occasional extra, that makes the difference.  

Hooping @ C.V. Yoga's Studio.

Early Food Log Update

I feel like I’ve found my grove again.  I hooped a lot today. Friday seem to be a good day to be active. And I hooped everyday for a 30 minute minimum all week.

As for the food log. I went into total rebellion Wednesday. I ate 2698 in calories. Three moderate meals and over 1000 in snacking. Dingdong.  Hello.  This is not what I intend.  I got back on track Thursday.  Even with buttered bread at lunch I only ate 2019 calories.

The tracker takes the calories burned off the total. I’m not looking at that number so am just posting the intake number.  At least I’m not looking at it now.

It’s fun counting the calories without actually doing the counting. I’m staying under my carb total with ease. The scale has not moved yet. But I know things are shifting.  I’m glad I did the body measurements portion on the Everyday Health site.

When I am active I often get smaller before I get lighter. *:)

Hooping buddies Brianna & Andrea

Food Log Confessions

I started a food log about 3 or 4 months into joining Bitch Yourself Thin.  I had been losing about a half pounds a week, and it was starting to add up.  I started the log to track what was working.

My Food & Weight Log

I was dropping about 1/2 a pounds a week, and that got me down 20 pounds by November.  And I held the line through January.  On January 8th I began hooping 30 minutes a day.  With hooping I have toned up a good bit.  But I’m still there swaying between 144 and 148.  I am a lot more fit, I freely admit it.  But it’s been 5 months and I’m feeling stuck.

And then I watched Fat Head with my hubby.  And it was funny and had some good info and incites.  But I love this guy totally “excelled” food log.

So yesterday I singed in on Everyday Health for their free food log/journal.

Everyday Health Food & Active Journal

Brief Review: It’s easy to use. You put in you height weight and gole weight and if give you numbers to work within. You can created your own food in the food lists, using the Nutrition Facts found on packing. It has little glasses icons to click for your water intake. And it tracks activity, but you can’t add to that, and they don’t have hooping. (I figured brisk walk would work.)

So on Day 1 I came in under my 2000 calorie total, and way over on my sugar. Milk has a lot of sugar. And I’m down .8 tenths of a pound. For Day 2, after diner, I am under my well 2000, and not to far over on my sugar. (It’s the milk I swear.) But I’m going to have a slice of Carrot Zucchini Bread, toasted with butter. I’ll still be within the “limit”.

I had probably let my portions get a little big. I had stopped drinking enough water. And my snacking had become sweet carbs. This is what I am seeing so far. So I will give it a week and let you know what happens. *:)