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Giving up Sugar for Lent

No, I’m not catholic, but I like the amount of time, and the limit of lent.

Day one: 8AM So far so good.

I chose sugar this year to run a simple test. It has been connected to inflammation. I have achy joints, and a knee still un-swelling for a Arthroscopic repair.

I also like many people would love to get rid of some extra pounds.  Giving up sugar can’t hurt that venture at all.  *:)

And it’s time to stop giving in to my “sweet tooth”.

So simple sugar in all it’s glory… candy, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, and I’m sure I will encounter other types do deny my self with.


Januarys Hoop Move!

My hoop bud’s Brianna, her sisters, Andrea, and I have been “working” on one move a month.  Well I worked on one move, they went with combo’s.

Anyway here is a bit of the results for January.

Alyssa is the Abundant Girl.  She has been spinning all the small hoops on her arms above her head.

Navaeh has mastered chest hooping.

Brianna’s combo included a lot of two hoop moves.

I have sustained knee hooping envy!

I focused on Foot Hooping.  I also went to an awesome workshop with Revolva!

Step 1: Put hoop on foot.

Step 2: Keep hoop on foot.

Step 3:  Roll onto back.

Step 4: Push up into Shoulder Stand.

Step 5: Watch as hoop slide down your leg.

Step 7: Laugh and do it again!

I am continuing to play with foot hooping.  I am discovering on chest hooping for February. And with luck (and practice) I will get my hiney over my head with a hoop on my foot in the near future.   *:)

PS I am giving up sugar for Lent.  YIKES!

Day 3 of 30: A Tuesday

I got home after teaching yoga and getting my teeth cleaned around 3:30. Very shortly after that Andrea called, she’s on her way home. Typically Andrea and I get together between 4 to 4:30 on Tuesdays. It depends on when she leaves work. So I was thinking bonus hooping.

Nope, Andrea is not 100% and has a busy work week and weekend, so we just visit for a bit. As I was heading home I thought Yay, I can do my 30 minutes of self kindness. I had taken a photo the nigh before the the table I wanted to address.

Before Table (can I bear the shame?)

I set my timer for 30 minutes and dove in. I started putting all he Christmas stuff in the big red tote. This was the foundation for the “sewing room” pile. (I rarely sew any more.) I ended up with a little pile for my bedroom, and the library/guest room.

It turned out that under a light layer of Xmas stuff and books, was a large pile of junk mail and catalogs. That sure made it easy. And I had put a birthday card on the table that has massage gift cards in it. I did remember putting it there, but I’m glad to have it in my purse instead.

Yay! Massage *:)

I was taking some CD to where the player is when I wondered how late it was. I just needed to put away the plies and I was done, and I had 1.05 minutes left. *:)

On the left note cards, on the right color samples for a mural, grid paper and my gardening book/ideas. In the center, the rough draft of things I can do for 30 minutes of self kindness.

Table After!

And as I was putting my comb back in the bathroom, sigh, I picked up the hand full of bracelets, earnings and barrettes and put them where they belong. Then I folded everything in my yoga pants drawer.

And then I didn’t hoop!

My Phone Is Teaching Me Patience.

It took me until last year to text. And then it wasn’t until this year that it became something I did with any regularity. How did I live without it?


When I send a text in a hurry, I hit send and close my key board. This locks my phone.  But if I close it to quick the message does not get sent. You may have experienced this phenomenon yourself. I have had to learn to wait the a moment to let my text go out before I close my phone.


This is not the first time an inanimate object has tried to teach me patients. Computers have always done this to me. There so fast when I first bring them home, but lode a bit of stuff and there’s the pause after the click. Or just the stare up time. No problem most of the time, but “oh shoot I forgot to” whatever, turn it back on before the dash out of the house. There you go, 1 minute feel like 10.

My Bowl

My Bowl & Standered Bowl

I started truly looking into my eating habits in March 2010. With the help of my fellow bitches (www.bitchyourselfthin.com) I saw that I like to sample while I cook, among other things. Looking and looking I came to some old information.

1) Our stomach are the size of our fists.  2 the amount of food to reasonable put into this is the amount your cupped hands make.

I had already reduced the amount I was eating by Savoring my food. Taking the time to feel the texture as I enjoyed the taste. I had also started using smaller plates so the amount I was eating did not look pathetic. After all I am in America where a single size serving for a steak is 12oz, and my size is around 2oz.

The thing is I eat a lot of rice and pasta dishes. I now also eat a lot of grain based dishes, and I don’t want to chase this around the plate, so I use bowls. Well have you looked at the size of bowls these days?

The average “soup” bowl is 2 cups of food. And tho my hand are not small I looking a 1 ½ cups. So I went on a bowl hunt. This sounds more interesting that it was. At my local farmers market there is often vendors as well.  And often pottery vendors. So I started holding bowls between my hand looking for a good fit. And I found one. And only one so far.

Well I found another but it was pricey. I walked away figuring if it was there at the end of the day I was meant to have it. It was not.

So here I am with my one bowl and guess what? No, I did not break it. But for some reason my hubby has bonded with it. As ofter as not he has used it and it’s in the sink. Sure its a cute bowl and a lovely hand warming size, but I’m really surprised how often he goes for it. So… I am still keeping my eye peeled for slimier bowls so we can have more than one in the house. *:)

Giving Up Chocolate For Lent

My good friend AS has suggested give up something for lent. She was raised Catholic, but is not a practitioner. Since we both have daily habits that are not the most healthy we are giving it a go.

For me it’s chocolate/candy. I don’t eat much candy that is not covered or covering chocolate, but I don’t want to just swap out chocolate for some other sugar treat. I have always had a “sweet tooth”, and if my consumption is not every day it’s 6 out of 7. I’m in the middle of a Thin Mints fest right now. So…

I already have gone through some anxiety about this venture. I do know rationally that I can say “screw it” and eat all the chocolate I want, since I know falling off this wagon wont send me to hell. But this is about seeing that I can stop eating chocolate. That I can. That I have control, not my brain. Not the voice in my head that makes suggestions all day long. And the anxiety is kinda funny since I have in the bast given up more challenging substances, like tobacco for one. Still, there is the rebellious teenager inside me that can rear her ugly head when I least expect it. Plus that voice that always suggesting.

My game plan includes:

Teeth brushing, a strategy I used when I quit smoking. It will keep my hands busy for a minute. And I like to keep that fresh brushed feeling.

Water, warm water actually. I find the warm comforting and the water will keep my stomach content.

Activity. In my car it will be belting out what ever song is on the radio. At work I will march in place. Elsewhere I will hoop or march in place. (This my help me drop a pound or two too.)

The active portion is so I don’t let me think “If I had some chocolate I would have more energy from the caffeine.”

So from March 9th till April 17th I will use these tools. So I can see that though I love chocolate, I can live without it.

Tissue play - nothing to do with chocolate *:)