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Veggie Plots & Pots

I finely got out and turned my veggie Plots. They have been covered In “White Nancy” (?) and or wild pea.  They reseed themselves, keeps the weed down and look pretty in the California late winter.  When they start to fade I know its time to till136_1688

Not much look at now; but seeded with radishes, lettuce, and chard.136_1691

But how do you like my wire bed frame for my peas and green beans?


And pot for carrots.


Here’s the video I got the idea from.  Love his heavy on the pots garden.

Oh, and the crooked path to my compost bins.  *:)


Poor covered Peacock.  The wild pea just goes crazy.


Food I Wasted: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I don’t remember the link that got me to The Four Pounds of Cheese Project. But I liked the idea. It’s based on National Geographic data that people waste 4 pounds of cheese, among other food stuff every year.  (Maybe Americans, not people,  I can’t remember.)

Well I has just decided I was changing back to a pricier brand of cheese, as the not so expensive one gets moldy before I can finish it. Here I am wasting cheese. And I seriously doubt I’m eating less cheese.  So I figured I give it a go.  *:)

Add to that the feeling of superiority I can have when I hardly waste anything, how cold I not try it. I decide I would count compostables as waste. I’m just lucky to be a composter.

My Three Bins

I realized on Sunday that the cooked beet’s were in the way back of the fridge. Dang, I have wasted already. Sure enough they are fuzzy. They were being shielded from view by some home grown lettuce that’s mostly not fit to eat, and a bag of baby spinach.  It’s a case of eating what’s in front, the spinach, and not looking further. And I like beets!

So here they are. It’s a Monday for sure.

Home Grown Gone Bad

I probably could have saved some of this, but slimy lettuce is slimy, and I have tons of lettuce still.  It went to seed last year. Yay, nature.

Rotten Beets *:(

Okay 1 & 1/4 beets.  But that means I only ate 3/4 of one beet.  WASTE!