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F.J. Week 3: After A Camping Trip

After a long weekend of camping with a group of friends I am up 1 pound. I figure this will slid off today since it’s a lot of salt. And it’s “house work” day today.And I plan to drink a lot of water today.

The fun of camping is the food. Breakfast and lunch are the normal fair, and 3 of the dinners. But then the 4 couples gather for a Potluck dinner the last night. The thing is, we all have our specialties we bring to the table. And of course we end up heavy on the side dishes. Mine is a bean and rice dish I use as my main course, but this year there were ribs. (Dang ribs! See food log update week 1) I also made sure I brought a salad.

I don’t think this one meal is totally responsible. After all there were 3 nights of the around the campfire food.  S’mores with the added benefit of melting the chocolate so there were super gooey. Salted in the shell peanuts went around as did  home made Snicker-doodles and “rice crackers”.

The good news is I did not take some every time the treat went around. I brought water and took a swig and this stopped the compulsive eating. Each sample was a conscious decision.

So add salt and sugar at the end of the day and guess what?  I had a weight increase. No surprise there. *:)  But just a pound extra, as apposed to the unusual 2 to 4 on a camping trip.  I call that a win!

Tent Campers @ Lake Del Valle