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Wildlife & Sputnik & Baby Blanket oh my!

Wildlife in my Yard

I have some wild life in my yard. I’m on the edge of suburbia, near a Golf Course along a creek. I only mention the Golf Course since its a big open land area near the creek, which encourages wildlife. I have seen fox there in the early morning hours. Well okay twice in 17 years. *:)

So here was my surprise visit from nature the other day. Was it because I cleared the dead poppy husks, they had thrown their seeds, or it just wanted to branch out 3 city blocks from the creek?

Dragonfly on the Heron

Wow! Looking at my pic, I may have faked this Dragonfly out with my “landscaping”.  ??

P.S. I don’t live by a country club golf course.

Sputnik or Hoop-cage?

I and my hoops were asked to go to a couple of day-camps this summer and hoop with a passel of kids. Of course I said yes. I play for ½ an hour at each sit for all four Wednesdays in July. Man it was fun.

Most kids get it. Five and six years old seem to need the “great job/awesome do it again” a number of times before it clicks.

By my third visit they got very creative and started adding hand hooping, challenges, and building. Sputnik was great. A couple of girls took the small hoops not in use and built a structure like this.

Sputnik by Kids Care kids.

I shared it with the Dublin Five (new name for the usual group I hoop with).  A & N climbed in and out then asked Andrea if she would fit. Well, yes. Then they “trapped” her in. Silly fun!!

N, Andrea, & A

Clip of the fun here.

Baby Blanket or The Chain of Events

I recently met up with a friend that is a super fine crocheter. I wanted to make a light weight tunic length top for hooping in the S.F. east bay summer morning fog.

I received an invite to my niece E.D.’s baby shower in Oregon.

I started my tunic top. Slow going since I am using crochet cotton or light weight yarn. So a much smaller hook. Yikes day’s of simply training my hand to work with this size yarn & hook!

I never sent the Target gift card I intended to my niece.  I send her a message via fb saying “I’m lame” in not quite those words. 

I’m about 14 inches into my top on the Thursday before the shower. When my sister G asked if I have sent anything to our niece. And it hit’s me! I should be crocheting a baby blanket. That afternoon I hit the yarn store and start.

Two weeks and a day later it get’s sent.  Along with a spoiler message via fb in case E.D want to be surprised upon opening.

I did check with my sister C/Grandma, part of her theme is Lady Bugs.

Aria's Blanket w/ Lady Bugs

Close up of edge Lady Bugs