The landlords said they could remove this wall.  Ooooops, we can’t, so I painted it!

Lotus Mandala in Chakra colors.

The next year I added an Om above the sign in desk.

Om or Aum

Our hands and feet on the walls leaves a fine oil.  Even washed the wall looked dingy, so I painted a hill side on the “worst” wall.

With a pond at the bottom of the hill.

The lotus rises out of the mud and reaches for the light.

The next big wall I wanted to cover more space in less time.  Tada!

Dr. Seuss trees and stick figure yogis.

My last wall.  I added a Pagoda to this wall when we moved the sign in desk.

Red Pogoda. Background painted by my Beloved niece.

There is the great possibility of Castro Valley Yoga moving to a larger space.  I am looking forward to bare walls to paint!!


3 responses to “Murals

  1. i love the om symbol! i want to paint one just like that when i move to a new place!

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