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Lent of No Sugar. Day 3, 4, & 5

It seems I am an all or nothing girl.

Last year I gave up chocolate and that just sent me finding other sweets to eat. I really settled on cookies. Lot s of cookies were consumed in the 45 days.

Abstaining from sugar in all it form is easy so far. And I kinda think it will continue to be. At six days now I would think I would start obsessing a little to much about sweet things, but no. I did have one of the “cookies” I baked on the 14th, today after a bike ride today. But that’s why I made them. (tasty but DRY)

And so you know, I tent to be ridiculously rebellious, so now that I have stated it’s a non issue my crazy brain my start making all kinds of sugary sweet suggestions.  *:)


Giving up Sugar for Lent

No, I’m not catholic, but I like the amount of time, and the limit of lent.

Day one: 8AM So far so good.

I chose sugar this year to run a simple test. It has been connected to inflammation. I have achy joints, and a knee still un-swelling for a Arthroscopic repair.

I also like many people would love to get rid of some extra pounds.  Giving up sugar can’t hurt that venture at all.  *:)

And it’s time to stop giving in to my “sweet tooth”.

So simple sugar in all it’s glory… candy, cookies, cakes, doughnuts, and I’m sure I will encounter other types do deny my self with.

16 through 23

More of the same. The only way I got 30 minutes a day in is if I count 2 hours at The Cell Space jam as four days.

Bay Area Hoopers Jam @ The Cell Space S.F.

Slight exaggeration, I hooped a bit on Wednesday, Friday, and at CVY before I headed to the jam. Still it was a large concentration of hooping, not daily hooping.

Today I did get almost current on my banking. It was way over the 30 minute mark. I see that though that worked for hooping last year, this year it’s kinda of a bust. However I did get an important task done by setting a time and dong it

The I on my key board s stckng. *:)

The 30/30 Challenge or Time To Take Care of Me!

Last year had a hoop 30 minutes a day for 30 days challenge. I heard about it on the 8th of January so I participated but never officially joined. I also decided that if I missed a day I was not going to throw my hands up and say I failed, I was just going to have missed a day.

I ended up hooping 100 days in a row, then I eased up, now hoop most days. I am so glad to have an aerobic activity back in my life. Plus my pulse and dress size are both down!

When I saw their announcement for the challenge this yeas (2012) it was a no brainer, yes I will do it again this year, just to reinforce the habit.

I was talking (and hooping) with Andrea who was my cohort in the challenge last year. We were talking about meditation, chanting, a home yoga practice… Then Andrea said “I wish I did one spiritual thing a day for 30 minutes”.

This altered our focus of the 30/30 challenge concept. We saw it not as a thing you do for a set time, but a set time to do a thing. Hmmm?

A few days later, New Years Eve, as we were hooping with Brianna. Brianna is Andrea’s next door neighbor. She 10 and as a natural a hooper as there ever was. She has been hooping along with us all this year. Since it was New Years Eve the subject of change/resolution/challenges came up. To quote a 10 year old. “I don’t make resolutions, because I always mess up.”

After a laugh of confirmation we brought up our 30/30 concept. Doing something good/healthy/joyful for yourself for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days. Or more days than before!   Our friend Angle say’s “it’s not that I fall off the wagon… It’s that I get back on!”

So our little group has agreed to use 30 minutes a day in some thoughtful manner. It may be hooping for health and/or joy. It may be sitting in meditation. It may be lovingly making a salad and eating it slowly. It may be taking that nap. It may be cleaning out the junk drawer. It may be that same thing a few days in a row. It may not. It is simply 30 minutes a day for ____________ fill in the blank. Just do it with loving attention.

For me some of the days the 30 will be eliminating piles/tasks. I have been know to procrastinate. (understatement) But I also know I can do most anything for 30 minutes. And I know that 30 minutes is enough time to accomplish something. Or get a good start on the bigger stuff. (the “family” room!)

I will only post once a day, so it will be yesterdays 30. On that note 1/1/12, 45 minutes of hooping with Andrea & Brianna.

And most days I am going to aim for hooping and a kind to me in the long run 30 minute activity.

Please join me/us, add your 30 minute joy/task/healthy/insert the best word here in the comments. *:)

Mini clip here: Day 1 30/30 Challenge.

Wasting Away: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I have experienced very little waste. Now at day 7 this is what I did not anticipate. I am buying a lot less food, okay “a lot” comparatively.

Yes, wanting to show how little I waste has led to more awareness of what I already have in my fridge/pantry when I shop. Also friendly reminders to me that there are only two of us to feed. This makes for is a bit more redundancy in our diet, but not enough to cause frustration or dinning out more that usual.

I took this focus when I dined out at well. I usually get the full Caesar with chicken when I go to lunch at Rigatoni’s. I often have a small pile of lettuce left. (Of course the chicken and croutons are gone.) I got the half salad with chicken on Wednesday for lunch. No waste, and I was satisfied, so I can do it again.

This Weeks Waste In Chronological Order:

Beet tops. I’ve heard you can cook them, but I have never ventured into “greens”. Maybe it’s time?

Beet tops: How do you cook them?

Mold on my Parmigiano, cut off. The rest was still good.

Moldy Paraigiano & Romain Core

I forgot my tea on Thursday. *:(

Would have drank it but I get up early, 4:30am, on Friday

Six days of compost and a potato piece that escaped frying.

The potato slice jumped the bowl when I rinsed them.

Chicken guts. I gave my cat the liver when she was alive, the rest has always been waste.

I get the whole chicken, it's the best price per pound.

My Phone Is Teaching Me Patience.

It took me until last year to text. And then it wasn’t until this year that it became something I did with any regularity. How did I live without it?


When I send a text in a hurry, I hit send and close my key board. This locks my phone.  But if I close it to quick the message does not get sent. You may have experienced this phenomenon yourself. I have had to learn to wait the a moment to let my text go out before I close my phone.


This is not the first time an inanimate object has tried to teach me patients. Computers have always done this to me. There so fast when I first bring them home, but lode a bit of stuff and there’s the pause after the click. Or just the stare up time. No problem most of the time, but “oh shoot I forgot to” whatever, turn it back on before the dash out of the house. There you go, 1 minute feel like 10.

Keep Hooping *:)

Just a quick post.  I have been “working” with sustained hooping.  Just hooping, doing the time, with the occasional “move”.  Then I saw this on and love it.  And I love lil Miss, the hooper.