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What I did on my Winter vacation.

Many moons ago (19 years) Hubby and I moved to a house with popcorn.

( acoustical ceilings).

We planed to remove it when we got new carpet.  Yay! In mid January I selected this.

Then I started the work.  Now the question has been was it hard?  No. Messy?  Some what.   I scraped it into a box lid and then dumped it directly into plastic bags.  Most of my ceilings came off dry.

I only had to wet it where the tape/mud was.

Now for painting.  One coat of primer and I can still see the tape/mud lines.

So two coats of primer and I stopped taking pictures.  From here it became a few hours of panting every day till the ceiling , walls, crown molding, and base boards were done.

Finley it’s carpet laying day.

I will only say that if your one job is to measure square footage you would think “he” could have gotten it right.  Half the house got laid on a  Monday… the rest got laid the following Saturday.

Here is my entry way.  The half way point.  See the old carpet.

Yay, it’s all in.  Can you say shades of cream.

My “new” house.  From the front door.

Around to the living room.

Towards the dining room.

And from the other direction.



Day 3 of 30: A Tuesday

I got home after teaching yoga and getting my teeth cleaned around 3:30. Very shortly after that Andrea called, she’s on her way home. Typically Andrea and I get together between 4 to 4:30 on Tuesdays. It depends on when she leaves work. So I was thinking bonus hooping.

Nope, Andrea is not 100% and has a busy work week and weekend, so we just visit for a bit. As I was heading home I thought Yay, I can do my 30 minutes of self kindness. I had taken a photo the nigh before the the table I wanted to address.

Before Table (can I bear the shame?)

I set my timer for 30 minutes and dove in. I started putting all he Christmas stuff in the big red tote. This was the foundation for the “sewing room” pile. (I rarely sew any more.) I ended up with a little pile for my bedroom, and the library/guest room.

It turned out that under a light layer of Xmas stuff and books, was a large pile of junk mail and catalogs. That sure made it easy. And I had put a birthday card on the table that has massage gift cards in it. I did remember putting it there, but I’m glad to have it in my purse instead.

Yay! Massage *:)

I was taking some CD to where the player is when I wondered how late it was. I just needed to put away the plies and I was done, and I had 1.05 minutes left. *:)

On the left note cards, on the right color samples for a mural, grid paper and my gardening book/ideas. In the center, the rough draft of things I can do for 30 minutes of self kindness.

Table After!

And as I was putting my comb back in the bathroom, sigh, I picked up the hand full of bracelets, earnings and barrettes and put them where they belong. Then I folded everything in my yoga pants drawer.

And then I didn’t hoop!