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Veggie Plots & Pots

I finely got out and turned my veggie Plots. They have been covered In “White Nancy” (?) and or wild pea.  They reseed themselves, keeps the weed down and look pretty in the California late winter.  When they start to fade I know its time to till136_1688

Not much look at now; but seeded with radishes, lettuce, and chard.136_1691

But how do you like my wire bed frame for my peas and green beans?


And pot for carrots.


Here’s the video I got the idea from.  Love his heavy on the pots garden.

Oh, and the crooked path to my compost bins.  *:)


Poor covered Peacock.  The wild pea just goes crazy.


Wildflowers, Weather & Mosaic

Here are some of the treats of may “garden”. I believe this is White Nancy.

White Nancy?

Some sweet baby grass.

Baby Grass

And some volunteers.


The little white one my sis calls a weed.  Since it does not poke me or stick to my clothes I call it a wild flower.

Shades of green.  *:)

Shades Of Green

The high haze is keeping thing nice and damp. Taken around 2:00pm

In the back I’m gong to have a crazy big batch of Naked Ladies in August!

Can you see the border stone?

Mosaic 1.0

A few years ago we got a mold to make stone looking pathway from my Mom.  Instead of making a solid block I broke them up to border my Ladies.  They were just cement.  I wanted to dress them up as I make a path so  I put some broken crockery and stones into this batch.

Stones & Pottery

A few days later I picked up  Step by Step Mosaic by Simona Hill so I’m hoping 2.0 looks a bit better.

But the stones are agates that hubby’s uncle picked up at the beach where his folks use to live.

Uncles Agats

I’m glad I just used the smallest one on my first try.

Back in the Garden Again.

The weather has been so gloomy on the weekend I have “neglected” my veggie garden. It’s been watered as I waited for my seed to send out seedlings. Well they have, and it’s nice weather on a Sunday. So out to my plots to wend the soak-er hose around the veggies that have come up.

1st plot: lettuce, radishes, & beets

This is my first year with a second plot. I’m not planting much more. I usually have tomatoes in pots. I got a volunteer last year and it did so well I expanded from it’s location for plot two.

Plot 2: tomatoes, green beans, & cucumbers

I’m using the pots for herbs in the warm in the spring corner of my yard.

Re-used pavers and tile. Room for one chair.

Reused pavers & tiles for a sit spot.

As you can tell from some of the photos my “Garden” is a work in progress.

And one more.  I have been unsuccessful for 3 years running in getting a watermelon.  This year: new spot, in lots of sun.  Both hoses near for lots of water.

Watermelon Dreams

Wish me luck.  *:)