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Aprils Hoop Move

No I did not fall off the face of the earth, and if I get into what I have been doing it would be a small novel, so I’ll jump right in with Aprils new hoop move.

Starting with Andrea!  She has been working on one leg stuff.  And since I am taking pictures of body & hoop moving I got ONE awesome shot!

Pravriti Echapadahastangustasana with a hoop!


Brianna! The Natural as  we call her.

Elbow to Elbow pass in front.   Start your hoop.

Elbow hoop.

Pass to other elbow.


Pass it back to first elbow.


With a smile!     I hope to see Elbow to Elbow pass in the back next month!


And me!  A swoopy figure 8.  (yeah, it’s a cop out)

Swoop over head

Swoop to the front

Swoop back over head




PS The Popcorn is Gone! & Others Changes coming soon.


Januarys Hoop Move!

My hoop bud’s Brianna, her sisters, Andrea, and I have been “working” on one move a month.  Well I worked on one move, they went with combo’s.

Anyway here is a bit of the results for January.

Alyssa is the Abundant Girl.  She has been spinning all the small hoops on her arms above her head.

Navaeh has mastered chest hooping.

Brianna’s combo included a lot of two hoop moves.

I have sustained knee hooping envy!

I focused on Foot Hooping.  I also went to an awesome workshop with Revolva!

Step 1: Put hoop on foot.

Step 2: Keep hoop on foot.

Step 3:  Roll onto back.

Step 4: Push up into Shoulder Stand.

Step 5: Watch as hoop slide down your leg.

Step 7: Laugh and do it again!

I am continuing to play with foot hooping.  I am discovering on chest hooping for February. And with luck (and practice) I will get my hiney over my head with a hoop on my foot in the near future.   *:)

PS I am giving up sugar for Lent.  YIKES!

Thank You Hoop

So today when I was hooping with Andrea and the neighbor kids.  We had on one of my favorite CD’s, Harem 2.  I started with 3 medium bodyhoops.  I usually start with two, but being with Andrea I had access to a third.  It was hard…   I loved it.

Andrea chest hooping!

I can only keep 3 going for a brief time, and when they fell I did my off direction.  Yikes!  I didn’t make it through the first tune before I lost it on both sides.  So I went down to 2.

It was then that I flashed that not so long ago, I couldn’t keep two going my “good” direction.  And now I can.  And I do for a good while say, ½ a tune, then switch to my off side, or out flow as some call it.

Then I hooped with just one.  It’s like a walk in the park with a friend.  Well, till the music gets hopping and I rock out.  But in fact I can keep my medium hoop up at almost any tempo now.  And that feels good.

I am grateful for for posting about the 30 minutes for 30 day in January.  I was very random in my hooping till then.  Now I rarely go a day without.

This is at a Castro Vally Hoop-Jam.  I had every medium hoop there, and kept them going for about 8 revolutions.

Is that 6 hoops?

Can’t wait for 6 hoops to be easy. *:)

Friday Was A Hoop Crazy Day

Serious stepping into my hoop today.

My 8:00am hoop class, 35 minutes of hooping to hip hop.  *:)

The salon to color my Sis’s hair.  20 minutes out back in the shade.

Hooped with Andrea another 25 minutes before taking her yoga class.

Sleeping good tonight!

Hooping at Andrea's