At first look I’m a fairly typical suburban working wife. Looking deeper you may see the procrastinator, or the yoga student, the hairdresser, the gardener, or some newer incarnation. This is what I will be sharing. All the joy’s, all the woes, and the mindless minutiae that can go through my mind.

An unexamined life is not worth living. An over examined one can be wonderfully narcissist. I hope to find balance. *:)

Here is what I will be writing about.

Gardening: Living in the San Francisco east bay, I get rain but am often in drought. I abandoned my yard for years. Hubby mowed it, and that was it. A few years ago we removed junipers form the front and I put in a dirt creek. This triggered a love of playing in the dirt. So not I have a small veggie plot, slowly growing each year.

Home: I’m a DINK (duel income no kids), just barely. My “jobs” keep my in spending money, and I am the food procurer of the hose. I am chef cook to, but because I care a lot more about what it is and how it’s prepared. I’m “shining the light of awareness” on the clutter I let collect. And am looking towards a minimalist life.

Body: I teach Hatha yoga. I stand and lift my arms as a hair dresser. I bend and stoop as a gardener. I play trapeze with a couple of friends. And I have started taking Acroyoga Therapeutics and Acrobatic classes. I’m 52 so there are some challenges with old injuries sometimes. I’m 5 foot 2 inches, and for the past year I have been slimming down.

Hair Dressing: 33 years and counting. Clients and coworkers, of who one is my oldest sister.

Family: No names please. Hubby, Bro, SIL, Sis G, Sis C Bro in law R & S, niece J, and beloved niece. These are the main people in my life. Adding friends A and S.

In no particular order. *:)


3 responses to “About

  1. We are very similar! I’m a piano teacher, a DINK, a wife, and the grocery shopper and cook of the house. Also, I live in Livermore, so we’re probably only about twenty minutes away from each other.

  2. It’s a small world. I get to Livermore once a month at least for Simply Fondu’s Cheese and Chocolate.

  3. Another DINK suburban working wife over here! Hi Susan!


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