Aprils Hoop Move

No I did not fall off the face of the earth, and if I get into what I have been doing it would be a small novel, so I’ll jump right in with Aprils new hoop move.

Starting with Andrea!  She has been working on one leg stuff.  And since I am taking pictures of body & hoop moving I got ONE awesome shot!

Pravriti Echapadahastangustasana with a hoop!


Brianna! The Natural as  we call her.

Elbow to Elbow pass in front.   Start your hoop.

Elbow hoop.

Pass to other elbow.


Pass it back to first elbow.


With a smile!     I hope to see Elbow to Elbow pass in the back next month!


And me!  A swoopy figure 8.  (yeah, it’s a cop out)

Swoop over head

Swoop to the front

Swoop back over head




PS The Popcorn is Gone! & Others Changes coming soon.


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