Day 5 of 30 *:(

So this is how my day went…

I went in as a hairdresser at 9:00 and worked steady till 12:30. I had a 1 & ½ hour break so I ate my lunch super slow while knitting. I did not think of hooping. I then did hair till 4:30, did my clean up and went home.

At home I put on my slippers, but there was a chance of Hubby and I going out to dinner, so I left my work clothes on. Hubby got home… no, not tonight, will go to the RV show and dinner on Saturday. (The 5th was the 21st anniversary of or first date.) So without much thought I put on my jammies cooked dinner.

After dinner I turned on Dragon Age 2 and played. It was at 9:30 as I started to get ready for bed that I realized no hooping or kindness accured. Sure I could say playing my game was kind to me, but I do that daily.

So… here’s to falling off the wagon on day 5. I guess I will have to go to the 31st to get my 30 days in.   *:)

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