Day 3 of 30: A Tuesday

I got home after teaching yoga and getting my teeth cleaned around 3:30. Very shortly after that Andrea called, she’s on her way home. Typically Andrea and I get together between 4 to 4:30 on Tuesdays. It depends on when she leaves work. So I was thinking bonus hooping.

Nope, Andrea is not 100% and has a busy work week and weekend, so we just visit for a bit. As I was heading home I thought Yay, I can do my 30 minutes of self kindness. I had taken a photo the nigh before the the table I wanted to address.

Before Table (can I bear the shame?)

I set my timer for 30 minutes and dove in. I started putting all he Christmas stuff in the big red tote. This was the foundation for the “sewing room” pile. (I rarely sew any more.) I ended up with a little pile for my bedroom, and the library/guest room.

It turned out that under a light layer of Xmas stuff and books, was a large pile of junk mail and catalogs. That sure made it easy. And I had put a birthday card on the table that has massage gift cards in it. I did remember putting it there, but I’m glad to have it in my purse instead.

Yay! Massage *:)

I was taking some CD to where the player is when I wondered how late it was. I just needed to put away the plies and I was done, and I had 1.05 minutes left. *:)

On the left note cards, on the right color samples for a mural, grid paper and my gardening book/ideas. In the center, the rough draft of things I can do for 30 minutes of self kindness.

Table After!

And as I was putting my comb back in the bathroom, sigh, I picked up the hand full of bracelets, earnings and barrettes and put them where they belong. Then I folded everything in my yoga pants drawer.

And then I didn’t hoop!


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