Food I Wasted: The Four Pounds Of Cheese Praject

I don’t remember the link that got me to The Four Pounds of Cheese Project. But I liked the idea. It’s based on National Geographic data that people waste 4 pounds of cheese, among other food stuff every year.  (Maybe Americans, not people,  I can’t remember.)

Well I has just decided I was changing back to a pricier brand of cheese, as the not so expensive one gets moldy before I can finish it. Here I am wasting cheese. And I seriously doubt I’m eating less cheese.  So I figured I give it a go.  *:)

Add to that the feeling of superiority I can have when I hardly waste anything, how cold I not try it. I decide I would count compostables as waste. I’m just lucky to be a composter.

My Three Bins

I realized on Sunday that the cooked beet’s were in the way back of the fridge. Dang, I have wasted already. Sure enough they are fuzzy. They were being shielded from view by some home grown lettuce that’s mostly not fit to eat, and a bag of baby spinach.  It’s a case of eating what’s in front, the spinach, and not looking further. And I like beets!

So here they are. It’s a Monday for sure.

Home Grown Gone Bad

I probably could have saved some of this, but slimy lettuce is slimy, and I have tons of lettuce still.  It went to seed last year. Yay, nature.

Rotten Beets *:(

Okay 1 & 1/4 beets.  But that means I only ate 3/4 of one beet.  WASTE!


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