Thank You Hoop

So today when I was hooping with Andrea and the neighbor kids.  We had on one of my favorite CD’s, Harem 2.  I started with 3 medium bodyhoops.  I usually start with two, but being with Andrea I had access to a third.  It was hard…   I loved it.

Andrea chest hooping!

I can only keep 3 going for a brief time, and when they fell I did my off direction.  Yikes!  I didn’t make it through the first tune before I lost it on both sides.  So I went down to 2.

It was then that I flashed that not so long ago, I couldn’t keep two going my “good” direction.  And now I can.  And I do for a good while say, ½ a tune, then switch to my off side, or out flow as some call it.

Then I hooped with just one.  It’s like a walk in the park with a friend.  Well, till the music gets hopping and I rock out.  But in fact I can keep my medium hoop up at almost any tempo now.  And that feels good.

I am grateful for for posting about the 30 minutes for 30 day in January.  I was very random in my hooping till then.  Now I rarely go a day without.

This is at a Castro Vally Hoop-Jam.  I had every medium hoop there, and kept them going for about 8 revolutions.

Is that 6 hoops?

Can’t wait for 6 hoops to be easy. *:)


One response to “Thank You Hoop

  1. Susan! It’s so good to see you here, and with another fabulous obsession. First dance, then yoga and now this! :) Happy hooping, and keep in touch! Allison

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