Food Log Update Week 1

I am down 1.3 pounds. In a week this is a lot for me. Alone I was averaging .5 pounds a week.

There was a bit of swinging the days in-between, but I know that is part of the process. Down, down, down, usually leads to up, up, up. I tend to see a big drop and reward/sabotage my self. With the tracker I saw exactly where the extra was. One can’t hold BBQ ribs against ones self.

And tracking showed again the truth in it’s the little thing I do every day, not the occasional extra, that makes the difference.  

Hooping @ C.V. Yoga's Studio.


3 responses to “Food Log Update Week 1

  1. BBQ ribs are truly a magical food.

  2. I had intended a hearty salad the the cold blew in. *:)

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