Early Food Log Update

I feel like I’ve found my grove again.  I hooped a lot today. Friday seem to be a good day to be active. And I hooped everyday for a 30 minute minimum all week.

As for the food log. I went into total rebellion Wednesday. I ate 2698 in calories. Three moderate meals and over 1000 in snacking. Dingdong.  Hello.  This is not what I intend.  I got back on track Thursday.  Even with buttered bread at lunch I only ate 2019 calories.

The tracker takes the calories burned off the total. I’m not looking at that number so am just posting the intake number.  At least I’m not looking at it now.

It’s fun counting the calories without actually doing the counting. I’m staying under my carb total with ease. The scale has not moved yet. But I know things are shifting.  I’m glad I did the body measurements portion on the Everyday Health site.

When I am active I often get smaller before I get lighter. *:)

Hooping buddies Brianna & Andrea


2 responses to “Early Food Log Update

  1. Hooping sounds like so much fun. =)

  2. It is so much fun I can hardly believe it. When I hoop in a group we are all smiling. *:)

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